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InnoPillows™ Butterfly Cervical Pillow

InnoPillows™ Butterfly Cervical Pillow - Inno Pillows

InnoPillows™ Butterfly Cervical Pillow

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Wake up refreshed and pain-free after a few nights on the InnoPillows™!

Crafted from premium, breathable memory foam with a slow rebound, the InnoPillows™ supports your neck for a more restful night and a pain-free morning.

You’ll sleep better or get your money back – guaranteed!


Reduced pain

And that includes your neck! The InnoPillows™ holds your cervical spine in perfect alignment, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. This eliminates strain from your neck, and in as few as five days, you’ll start feeling the difference that reduced stress on your cervical spine can deliver. 

Better Sleep

One of the first things you’ll notice is how good you feel each morning. Not only are you sleeping soundly through the night, but you’ll also be able to reach those levels of deep, restorative sleep more effectively. This is the rest that your body and your mind desperately need, and the lack of deep sleep is responsible for a list of physical and emotional conditions. 

Better Days

There are numerous benefits to getting quality sleep, but good sleep makes it easier to handle almost anything in the simplest terms. Pain-free sleep lets you get out of bed ready to tackle whatever challenge comes your way. Work, family, friends, civic activities – when you need the energy to be an effective, positive, contributing individual, you’ll finally have it.

How does it work?
The contoured memory foam cradles your neck for both side and back-sleepers. As you sleep in the InnoPillows™, your neck is guided into its natural position, reducing stress on the bones, joints, and muscles in your neck and shoulders.


Take control of your days by fixing what happens at night. With the InnoPillows™, every day will start and end the way it’s supposed to – pain-free! How much is a good night’s sleep worth?

Upgrade your sleep tonight by ordering an InnoPillows™ today.

InnoPillows™ specs


Memory foam – medium/slow rebound


Standard: 30W x 50L x 10H cm (12W x 20L x 4H in.)

Comfort Plus: 35W x 60L x 12H cm (14W x 24L x 5H in.)


Hypoallergenic Tencel, removable and machine-washable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30 night trial work?

At InnoPillows™, what gets us out of bed every morning is to deliver pillows that make your precious hours in bed comfortable, restorative, and delightful. But we understand that our pillows cannot be a perfect fit for 100% of sleepers. Therefore, if it is not for you, you're covered by a 30-Night risk-free trial that starts from the day your pillow is delivered. The best way to test a pillow is to use it in the coziness of your bed for at least 7 nights. Not loving it? Just let us know, and we'll cheerfully refund you every cent.

How does the 3-year warranty work?

At InnoPillows™, we offer the best pillow that is a perfect fit for you and the best post-purchase experience. We invest hundreds of hours in designing, manufacturing, and testing our pillows. We make sure that every single pillow is meticulously checked before leaving our warehouse on its way to elevate your sleeping comfort.

But fortunately, we are humans, and there is a tiny possibility of error. To cover that, we offer a 3-year warranty that applies to Defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. In the event of a Defect, InnoPillows™ will provide a repair or replacement Pillow free of charge.

Can I use my InnoPillows™ Butterfly Cervical Pillow in all sleeping positions?

InnoPillows™ Butterfly Cervical Pillow is perfect for side and back sleepers. Even though it can fit a stomach sleeper, this sleeping position is not recommended as it can be taxing on your back and neck. If you are used to switching positions from side or back sleeping to stomach sleeping during the night, we recommend turning your InnoPillows™ in order to use the thiner part when you're stomach sleeping.

Does it help alleviate snoring and sleep apnea?

Yes, definitely! When using InnoPillows™ Butterfly Cervical Pillow, your body, neck, and head will be aligned, promoting your airway expansion and alignment, making your breathing much easier.

What size is right for me?

We recommend the comfort plus size for those who have a larger body frame.

What about shipping?

At InnoPillows™, we offer worldwide free shipping. For most countries, your pillow will be delivered in 7-10 business days.

How can I track my order?

Once you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email, and another email after your order has been shipped. The second one will contain the tracking information and instructions on how to track your parcel. When you receive your tracking number, use our Tracking Page to track your order.

30-Nights risk-free trial
Worldwide free shipping
3-Years warranty
Easy returns