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InnoPillows™ Lumbar Pillow

InnoPillows™ Lumbar Pillow - Inno Pillows

InnoPillows™ Lumbar Pillow

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Hold your spine in perfect alignment with targeted support. This patented pillow is molded to align your spine and balance pressure from every angle. Tuck the slim pillow under the curve of your back for ergonomic support that extends to your hips, waist, and ribs. The contoured pillow has a raised support panel down the middle that cushions your spine and helps to relieve pain. 

Slow-rebounding foam matches your unique spinal curve, whether you’re a back or side sleeper. Choose from a variety of stylish color options to match your bedding. This 4D mesh pillowcase is exceptionally breathable with open airflow, so you will stay cool and dry all night long. 

  • Patented lumbar support curve 
  • Slow-rebounding memory foam 
  • Machine-washable 4D airflow mesh cover 

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