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I bought an orthopedic memory foam knee pillow from this company which has vastly improved the quality of my sleep. It came earlier than expected and was very reasonably priced. Furthermore, they absolutely excel in customer service, answering my queries within 24hrs and making me feel like a valued customer. A joy to deal with! 😘


Love it!!

I purchased an orthopedic leg pillow, and I absolutely love it! The pillow provides me with comfort throughout the night, which helps me have a good night’s sleep, and the next morning there are no lower back aches and pains, or stiffness. As well as the product is great, the customer service is also outstanding! 💖


Best product I have brought.

I was a bit wary of ordering online and had a few no-goes, but I went with it, and I'm very glad I did. Outstanding service and could track orders all the way. Thank you Inno Pillows💕


Thank you Innopillows 👏!

I have suffered from back pain and hip pain for 2 years to the point I have needed physiotherapy, I am a side sleeper, and decided to purchase one of your pillows, I didn’t notice an improvement straight away but now 2months on I can safely say my back is much improved and my mobility is a lot better, I have needed a steroid jab for my hip for bursitis which is not relevant but I do sleep better with the pillow, having a spare cover is essential tho for changing which I purchased as well, thank you Innopillows👏

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